About us

Bodhisattva Gallery
Now in our fourth generation in the business, Bodhisattva has been cultivating relationships with famous artists and also promoting and encouraging gifted, new artists in order to keep the fine work and artistry alive.  Bodhisattva supports the very best artisans, who produce museum-quality artwork.

Our great-grandfather and great-grandmother were both artisans who made crystal images.  Our grandfather, however, dealt with antiquities, which Purna Man Shakya, the founder and owner of Bodhisattva, could not condone.  He spent long hours with living artists, instead, working on the fine detailing of statues, and ways to improve them, with his goal being to increase the artists’ visibility in society and earn them the respect and fair compensation they deserve.  Now, Bodhisattva has re-opened its store at Baber Mahal Revisited, with the goal of providing the world with the best quality Newar artwork available, produced by the Newar community.  Every purchase from Bodhisattva keeps the long tradition of Newar sacred art alive.

The gallery promotes original art work with due respect for the entire artist in the process of making it. The gallery only has the best pieces to showcase the skill and ability of the Newar artist and our heritage. The gallery’s main objective is to give the name and face to the artworks. It’s not about just selling a piece of art but to honor the artist and support the continuation of this tradition.